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We provide an all-encompassing care service for your enhanced well-being.

The Care Coordinator works in collaboration and continuous partnership with clients and their family/ caregiver(s), clinic/ hospital/ specialty providers as a team to:

  • Promote timely access to appropriate care
  • Increase utilization of preventative care
  • Reduce emergency room utilization and hospital read missions
  • Increase comprehension through culturally and linguistically appropriate education
  • Create and promote adherence to a care plan developed in coordination with the patient, primary care provider, and family/ caregiver(s)
  • Increase continuity of care by managing relationships with tertiary care providers, transitions-in-care, and referrals
  • Increase patients’ ability for self-management and shared decision-making
  • Provide medication reconciliation
  • Connect patients to relevant community resources to enhance patient health and well-being, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing healthcare costs

Our services are available in Wichita and surrounding areas. Contact us at 316-768-7020 to talk to our staff.